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Maziwisa Global Consultants have undertaken capacity assessments and strategy development for the African Union Commission for its strategy 2014-2017 and vision 2063 (modernisation of Africa) and in line with the strategies of the 54 African Member States and Regional Economic Commissions (RECs). They have also given support to the AU through ACBF funding particularly on how REC’s relate to the AU, MS, Academia, CSOs, Private Sector, and among themselves within the reform process and in relation to Agenda 2063. They have assisted in addressing capacity deficits, under AU Reforms,in a bid to eventually draw informed action plans that accelerate Africa’s economic transformation and integration and the implementation of the African Union Agenda 2030, Agenda 2063 as well as address the requirements of the first 10-year plan (FTYP 2013-2023) of Agenda 2063.

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